Semerjian Builders beginning demolition on current Assisi, Wayne, project. Initial demolition and uncovering the true integrity of the original foundation, walls, concrete, brick, tudor, plumbing and electricity.

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Wayne home renovation design and rebuild project. "Assisi," circa 1929, is an Arts and Craft English Tudor home, design and build renovation project of Semerjian Builders in Wayne.

Below is an ongoing project update from our clients' personal blog perspective:

The meetings with Mark and Joe in August, September and October were concentrated on finalizing the plans to correct the quirkiness with Assisi. Joe Mackin was transforming Assisi into a phenomenal home incorporating original character and beauty. We just couldn’t wait till it was finished!

Demolition began in September. We all began to see new ideas as each layer was torn away. The walls were concrete and lathe, each brick broken by hand and placed randomly to plug a space awkwardly perfect, areas where you could see outside between the Tudor framing pins. Then, of course, there were not such good things about the construction like plumbing and electrical. Knob and tube is frowned upon in the eyes of Insurance Companies. None the less, Chad and I were amazed at the craftsmanship of how this house was built and decided to share this fascination with our friends. Yep, we had a party! There is a ALWAYS a reason for a party.